How to Melt Ice on Wooden Steps

Winter is a perilous time for many reasons. It’s easy to trip and fall when you’re walking along the pavement or another surface. It’s especially dangerous when the surfaces are uneven. Stairs can be hazardous because it’s easy to slip on them when they’re icy. You could fall forward or backward, causing injury to yourself and those around you. Scrapes and bruises are the most common injuries, but in some cases you could sprain or break a limb. Concussions may occur as well. Fortunately, you can implement Amstep Products and other methods to prevent these accidents and keep your stairs ice-free. 

Baking Soda

Look no further than your kitchen pantry for baking soda as an effective household remedy. Like salt, baking soda lowers the freezing temperature of ice and causes it to melt. Salt, however, is not good for wooden surfaces. Salt is known to dry out the wood. Consequently, your stairs would become brittle and crack. Furthermore, rock salts can stain wooden surfaces. Baking soda will not stain your wooden steps. To apply the baking soda, stand alongside the set of stairs and sprinkle the baking soda over it. This will cause the ice to melt away. In the meantime, you should spread sand over the steps. This way, walkers will have traction as they travel up and down the steps. Persistently apply baking soda and sand over the steps since ice has a way of reappearing.


Another recommendation is to purchase a deicer for your wooden staircase. This is an effective product that shouldn’t harm the wood as long as you invest in the right variety. Magnesium chloride is known to be less abrasive and less corrosive. If you want to buy another deicer, look at labels to see if the product is safe and is okay to apply around pets. A good deicer will not only melt away ice quickly but will be environmentally friendly to all living things.

If you plan to use a deicing product, you should first remove the snowy layer from the top of the ice. Fill up the deicer in an empty bucket or pail. Use a scoop to sprinkle the deicer along the stair steps. Start with a small amount and add more as you proceed. You should see the ice melt right away. Use a plastic shovel to remove the ice slush immediately so the ice won’t refreeze later on. Keep sprinkling on the deicer until all icy patches are eliminated. For other ways to combat slippery steps, look into Amstep Products or another stair product vendor.